GameTheVideo is not your typical review site. We tell you about a game, if we had fun playing it, and if you should go buy it or not. GameTheVideo does not rate games, we leave that up to the gamers who play it themselves.

Most video games are fun to play. If they are, we like to pick out reasons why the game was fun. These reasons could be the experience we had while playing it, the time it took up, or any other reason why we enjoyed it. If the games are not fun, we’ll make sure you know it.

Our “reviews” have sections; “Nickname”, “Summary”, “Babes”, “Bozos”, and “Overalls”. Sometimes the review may also feature a “Story” or “Multiplayer” section depending on how important they were to the overall experience.


Nickname- We nickname video games to summarize the whole experience of the game in a few short words

Summary- A basic summary of the video game, usually without spoilers

Babes- Pros to the game (may vary game to game)

Bozos- Cons to the game (may vary game to game)

Overalls- An overall summary of the video game and usually whether or not you should buy it