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Steins Gate 0- 5pb

Nickname- “A Hero’s Journey”

Ever wondered what would happen if your favorite hero had failed in their quest? Ever thought about what that would do to them? How that would impact the world around them? Well this anime explores all of the action that happens when the great Hyoin Kyouma finally breaks and abandons his quest to reach Steins Gate.

TLDR: Why We Loved It:

Steins Gate 0 is a treat for the imagination. It resembles that crazy “What if” scenario of the hero actually failing. It portrays the consequences of our favorite main character giving up on his quest. We find out just how hard it will be for everyone if this is the path they all choose to go down and we are introduced to the many struggles the whole cast will have to face.


Steins Gate 0 is the story of what happens between the 22nd and 23rd episodes of the original series. This series represents what would have happened, should our hero have chosen not to continue his quest. Steins Gate 0 represents that doomsday scenario and plays out accordingly.


Throughout the story, Okabe will constantly be faced with choices and most of the time, honestly lets the viewers down. Okabe has been broken and in a way that nobody can fix. He has witnessed his friends die over and over and his come to terms with the fact that there is nothing he can do to prevent it.

Hyoin Kyouma is no more and Okabe goes on living a somewhat normal life, despite having left behind his mad scientist ways of the past.

In this series we explore new elements of science fiction that quickly draw Okabe back into the fray. It all starts when Okabe is introduced to a new AI system named Amadeus.


Okabe must learn to interact with this AI both as a research scientist and also as a way of healing his broken heart. As with Steins Gate though, nothing can truly be perfect until they reach that everlasting goal of ultimate pursuit that is Steins Gate itself.

Through unforeseen circumstances, Okabe is drawn back to the lab and is once again in need of his friend’s help. Will Okabe be able to reach Steins Gate this time?




Okabe Rintarou- Okabe is the main character of the series and is one with the most internal struggles. As we know in the first series, Okabe has already seen countless atrocities happen hundreds of times over, and despite having future knowledge of how events will unfold, is still unable to prevent them from happening. Now he must come to terms with the fact that the only way for his life-long friend to live is that the woman he loves must remain dead.





Maho Hiyajou- Maho Hiyajou is the female lead in this version of Steins Gate. At first she seems to be a mere replacement of the late and great CHRISTINA! but Maho is so much more than that. As a 21 year old genius, she may look like a child, but is in fact the driving force behind developing the first true artificial intelligence in the world and all from stored human memory data. Maho serves as Okabe’s source of encouragement during his darkest hour and one of the few people who can still momentarily spark his scientific curiosity, however fleeting that may be.


Amadeus– Though just a software application on Okabe’s phone, Amadeus is an artificial intelligence that quickly forms a strong, albeit a little unnatural, bond with Okabe. Amadeus serves as his main source of ideas and also as a confidant he can talk to whenever he feels as alone. Amadeus is a great source that the anime is able to draw on to truly represent the strong change between Steins Gate 0 and the original series and also serves as a constant reminder of the consequences of Okabe’s choices.


Alexis Reskinin- Alexis Reskinin is the professor that works alongside Maho to develop the Amadeus AI and bring it to fruition. Alexis seems to be quite and also seems to welcome Okabe into his project with open arms from the moment he first meets him.






Moeka Kiryu- Moeka Kiryu AKA Shining Finger is an important character in Steins Gate 0 and remains a constant throughout the series. Though in the original she was quite the obstacle to overcome, her quite nature and undying loyalty to Okabe serves as an important asset for the team. Moeka is lethal and can catch you off guard simply by blending in with her surroundings and striking when you least expect it.





Steins Gate 0 is a show that prides itself on 3 things: Storytelling, humor, and its animation.

Although much of the show is filled with slice of life scenarios, Steins Gate 0 does a great job of showing us just how beautiful the world around us can be. With both night and day sequences, Steins Gate 0’s animation quality is great and they really demonstrate all of the care that should be given to bringing a fantastic series to the screen.


Steins Gate 0 has an amazing soundtrack to both match the somewhat dark tone of the series and yet still provide the listener with a sense of hope that maybe, just maybe, everything will work out in the end.

The anime also does a good job of not forgetting its roots. Steins Gate 0 originated as a Visual Novel game and then moved to an anime format due to its popularity. That game has a completely separate soundtrack and although the anime has its own music, they do throw in subtle nuances that allude to the original game.

Steins Gate 0 also stems from the original Steins Gate anime series and plays around with that show’s music as well, throwing in snippets of sound from original surrounding events that remind us of similar happenings in the original series.


Steins Gate 0 is an amazing series that truly demonstrates to fans what could happen, should the hero make the wrong choices. With Steins Gate 0, fans have a way of knowing/reinforcing that what they saw in the original truly was the ending that they were hoping for while also providing further lore and insight into the world this series is taking place in. We recommend watching this series as soon as you finish the original!

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