10 Characters I want to See in the New Smash Bros!!!


Super Smash Bros is an amazing series with no end in sight! With the roster being one of the more exciting parts the game before launch, I’ll throw some characters names into the hat and hope Nintendo hears my pleas!


These characters are not listed in any particular order


10. Ravio



Ravio is an interesting character from a Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds! His design is different an interesting. I think He’d look pretty good next to the rest of Nintendo’s line up. Plus his rented items could give him a pretty unique and varied moveset!


9. Masked Man


This character from the lesser known Mother 3 (a game that has yet to see an official US release) would make a great addition. As the counterpart of Lucas, it’s not too far fetched to get another Mother 3 character in the roster.He’s cool, he’s bad, and he’s got a laser sword.


8. Yooka Laylee



These guys deserve to be in the roster. From the game by former Rare employees, it’s the next best thing to adding Banjo Kazzoie!


7. Dr Mario




What kind of Doctor is he? Foot doctor? Physician? Gynaecologist? I don’t know, but he’s got your prescription for pain and it’s DEATH!


6. Ridley


There have been people asking for it and I think Nintendo should do it. You can’t go wrong with having a little more Metroid in our lives!


5. Groose

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The Groose is chained up and needs to be let loose! Regardless of your opinions on Skyward Sword, you can not deny the greatness that lies in Groose and his Pompadour. In my personal opinion he has the best character arc in the entire Legend of Zelda series to date!


4. Goku



Image result for goku


People want it so give them what they want Nintendo!


3. Waluigi

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This nefarious looking moustached gentleman has never appeared in a main mario game and is pretty much exclusive to Nintendo’s party games, but despite that we have yet to see him in Smash Bros. I think it’s time to change that


2. Funky Kong



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With the new Funky mode in the upcoming port of Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, it doesn’t seem to be too random of a character. There are plenty of potential moves you could give him, plus get him on that funky board and I’ll be satisfied.


1. King K. Rool




It’s been awhile since this King has appeared in a game and I think it’s time for a royal comeback! As a huge fan of Donkey Kong Country, it’s easy to see why I’d want this croc to be in Smash Bros, but I think he’d make a good surprise character announcement.

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