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Pokemon: Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon- Gamefreak

Nickname- “Twinsies”

Not only are the game’s stories identical to each other with the only variation being that the legendary pokemon you can catch is different, they also have the added bonus of being pretty much the same thing as the originals with a few bits and sprinkles of additional content. These sequels aren’t quite at the level of added content Emerald or Platinum provided, but they are similar.


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon starts out the same way as the original games. You are playing as a trainer from Kanto who for some reason left that lovely land filled with Pokemon Gyms, to move to the Alola region with his/her mom.

The player must go through the four islands of Alola and capture creatures called Pokemon, in order to defeat their rivals and clear the Island Trials. Once these trials have all been cleared, the player may challenge the Alolan Pokemon League.

Throughout the player’s journey, they will encounter and collect “Z Crystals”. These crystals will allow a Pokemon to use a special “Z Move” once per battle.


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon follows the adventures of a Pokemon Trainer who has just moved from Kanto to the Alolan region. The player must, much like in the first game, challenge the four island Kahunas and then take on the Pokemon League.

The 4 Island Kahunas from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Throughout the game the player will encounter various mysterious figures and Pokemon. They will have to battle their way through the evil Team Skull, and unravel all the mysteries the Alolan region, and it’s legendary pokemon, have to offer.


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon offer much the same gameplay that any other Pokemon game would. The only difference in these entries is that instead of the traditional and time-honored Pokemon Gyms, there are “Island Trials”. These trials are offered by Island captains and once they are completed, the player may challenge each island’s Kahuna. There are 4 islands to conquer and 4 Kahunas to defeat.

These Island Challenges are a different take on the traditional Pokemon formula. Typically there would be 8 different gyms you would go to as a player to prove yourself as a Pokemon Trainer, but now there 4 islands with many different “Trials” laid out for you to overcome. These usually involve random mini-puzzles to quick-read through so that you can get to the Totem Pokemon at the end. These Totem Pokemon have all of their stat boosted at the start of the battle and are given the ability to call for help, forcing a 2-on-1 battle to begin.

Totem Pokemon Ratticate

Island trials offer a weird new take on the entire Pokemon world. If these islands are specifically laid out for trainers to attempt the trials, then how do the normal citizens of Alola go about their days? There are barriers set up all over the islands, blocking the way for anyone who hasn’t completed the trials. This does not happen by accident like it used to!

A wild Snorlax blocking the way for Pokemon Trainer Red

With Island trials being brought to the table, Gamefreak has made it clear they are sick of producing traditional Pokemon games. What will we see next?

Rotom Dex:

In the Sun and Moon series of Pokemon games there is one major change that still incorporates the traditional format, and that is the Rotom Dex.

Rotom Pokedex from the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime series

At the start of the game, the player is given a Pokedex to carry around with them. This electronic encyclopedia allows the player to register and collect data on new pokemon they may encounter.

Once the player gets far enough in the game, a Rotom will possess the pokedex, transforming it into a Rotom Dex. The Rotom Dex has many new abilities including a mini-map navigation feature on the lower touch screen, demonstrating a goal, and always guiding the player to their next objective, no matter how close it is.

Rotom Dex guiding the player around the corner

This takes away from the traditional method of exploring the vast Pokemon world set forth but adds a level of guidance to help the player achieve the story progression at a faster, easier rate.


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is a great addition to the Sun and Moon series, but not the right move for the Pokemon game series as a whole. With the addition of the Rotom Dex constantly guiding you to your next objective, the game becomes less adventurous and more about seeing what will happen next as quickly as possible. Also, with the removal of traditional Pokemon Gyms, there is less satisfaction in completing a “Trial”, since all you have to do is complete a puzzle that some captain created specifically for you to be able to finish. Overall this game is fun because it is a Pokemon game, but the new additions that Gamefreak tried out did more harm than good and makes you really miss the older Pokemon game format.


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