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Sonic games keep coming back no matter what and it doesn’t look like he’ll be stopping anytime soon!


Here we go… Another 3D sonic game. These games do not have a very good track record over the years. While I often find them enjoyable, I can still recognize that they have not been very good. So how does Sonic Forces hold up next to the others? Well, it combines the gameplay of Sonic Generations (one of the better Sonic games over the last 10 years), but also adding a third playable character and play style.

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Dr Eggman has created a new weapon (called the phantom ruby) with the intent to defeat sonic once and for all. It surprisingly works and Sonic disappears for 6 months. During said time, Eggman has taken over most of the planet leaving Sonic’s friends left as the resistance, trying to take down the Eggman Empire and his new creation, named Infinite.

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They bring in a new recruit who is a character you get to create, to help take on the enemy. Tails runs into Classic Sonic who shows up through a portal.

You get to find Sonic, defeat Eggman and Infinite to save the world, all the while going through familiar locations that have been warped by the war. An example of this would be that there is a desert in Green Hill zone.

Other locations include Chemical Plant, Mystic Jungle, and Metropolis.


This hyper fast platformer has 3 different styles of gameplay. First off, we have modern Sonic. Here you run forward, dashing, sliding, and homing attacking your way through enemies. The only thing new about this sonic is that he can now double jump, which helps him stand out from the other playable characters. It feels good when destroying enemies, but a lot of the platforming feels clunky and not quite polished.



Next up is Classic Sonic! Classic is just like in generations and a lot like the classic games for the genesis. Instead of going forward your always going side to side. He feels like he has a lot of wait with his movements which makes him feel awkward to control at times. It’s not as well done as it was in Sonic Mania.

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They seemed to put a lot of effort into your avatar or created character. There are hardly any options to choose from in terms of his physical appearance. However, after every mission or every challenge you complete, you are awarded new pieces of outfits. This is where the options come in. There are tons of different clothes from edgy, to hipster, to cross dressing. It is quite entertaining to see what you could do with this character creator and it is a total blast to use it!

When it comes to playing your avatar, it’s basically the same as Modern Sonic except you can’t dash or double jump, instead you have a weapon. The weapons basically obliterate enemies extremely fast, making enemies feel like a joke. Though that’s typical in Sonic games. There are also different weapons you can unlock.

Unfortunately, having this 3rd character was a little too much. It is easy to forget about some of your abilities because it feels too similar to Sonic and vice versa. They probably should have stuck with Sonic and Classic Sonic, while making the option to play as your avatar after you already beat the stage with Sonic.


ClassicSonicClassic Sonic– Classic Sonic is back for no reason, but it doesn’t matter because we love him anyway. This character does not speak, but makes up for that with his facial expressions and cute smile!






Modern Sonic– A blue hedgehog as always with a need for speed. Go fast or go home!







The character that you get to create and dress in whatever clothes you can unlock. Make him/her cool, standard, or incredibly stupid. The choice is yours… I went with stupid

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Infinite– This creation is defined by his want to put fear into your hearts and is the very definition of evil!







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Dr Eggman– A mad scientist who has finally taken over the world, creating his Empire like he always dreamed.



Knuckles- This red echidna is tough, but not the smartest around. However, this time he’s the commander and chief of the resistance against the Eggman Empire. He’s the one that sends you on your missions.







Silver- You can’t stop him from appearing in these games since his initial appearance in Sonic 06 (a generally disliked game famous for being barely playable). It’s no Use!


Sonic Forces is an enjoyable and fun game. It certainly has it’s flaws, but I believe it’s one of the better Sonic games to be released in the last 10 years. The story is a little dark for a story about animals. However that’s what Sonic fans seem to like! It’s overall a fun ride!


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