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My Hero Academia- Kohei Horikoshi

Nickname: “My Innovative Academia”

My Hero Academia is able to place itself within the realm of shounen anime while still having no fear of taking risks. Whether it be having the main character fail, or villains not pulling any punches, this show has brought a new wave of themes with it that other future titles will surely adopt.


My Hero Academia takes place in a world where the general population (about 80%) has a super human ability called a “quirk”. These quirks have prompted the creation of a new profession of super heroing. These super heroes save the city from those who choose to use their quirks for evil instead.


Our story takes place in the famous U.A. High School and focuses on the lives of various students attending a place designed to train the younger generation and get them ready  for their roles as future heroes.

Plot: 8/10

Our story follows a character Izuku Midoriya and is set in a world where super powers are common place. Super heroes and villains are everywhere in this universe. Izuku Midoriya is the odd one out in this world. This is because he has no super power himself. Eventually, Izuku is lucky enough to get a power for himself, made possible through a lot of begging, crying and sometimes throwing up. This power is gifted unto him by none other than All Might, who is in fact his favorite hero.

While this is a typical shōnen, the plot does surprisingly well. For 1, the villains are actually pretty terrifying. A good example of this is the main antagonist of the anime. The guy literally has disembodied hands all over his body and apparently has his father’s on his face. His ability, on top of that, is disintegration. If he touches you, you literally start to crumble! It’s gross and nasty!

On top of regular villains, you also have less obvious villains. A great example is Shouto’s father. Although he is a hero and fights crime, his obsession with beating All Might gets a little creepy. He has a lot of women and a lot of children bred for the sole purpose of beating All Might. Shouto’s mother hated this hero so much, she threw boiling water on his face when Shouto started acting too much like his father. Having sub-villains along with regular villains adds a lot depth.


In My Hero Academia, no one character is too overpowered. While it is typical for shōnen to add hindrances to OP characters, this show does it well because every overpowered character has one, and each opposing character takes advantage of those weaknesses.

My Hero Academia’s teens are filled with angst. Katsuki and Shouto are the angstiest teens ever encountered. Compared to Naruto, the flagship shōnen, you have Sasuke the angstiest teen out there. Who’s the Sasuke in this show? You have Katsuki AND Shouto.

Overall, the plot is fun and filled with a lot of action and overly dramatic plot twists!

Fan Service: 10/10

My Hero Academia doesn’t have too much fan service. It has what you’d expect of a shōnen anime, but it’s not in your face about it all the time. The only thing annoying about the fan service in this show is they have a character whose role is specifically there just to point out all of the fan service.

Your typical Fan Service shoutout character; Minoru Mineta

If you don’t mind fan service, or even if you just don’t mind it a little bit, you’ll probably like watching this show.

Characters: 8/10

Katsuki Bakugo is so far here just so that Izuku has a reason to get stronger. He doesn’t really exhibit much of a reason for being so angry yet and really only provides motivation for Izuku to better himself to hopefully one day understand Bakugo.

Shouto is great because he has an actual reason for being crazy and angsty. He is the most overpowered character physically, but the most silent about it at the same time. Right now he’s obviously stronger than Izuku, but emotionally he’s a lot more vulnerable which makes for great future development.

Izuku Midoriya mostly sits and cries about his powers until he learns how to start controlling One for All. Once he learns this, he’ll become a really cool character. He grew exponentially the first time he finally grasped how to somewhat control his quirk. This provides great potential for future development of his character both physically as well as mentally.

Another point My Hero Academia really does well is that the school they go to is actually populated! There are actually students in other classrooms. It’s not just like one class and the rest of the school’s empty. There are multiple classrooms with their own students in them. Not too many other anime expand on their universe the way this one does. It’s cool how they have all these different characters and that they all tie in together without just feeling like complete filler. During the competition arc there’s obvious competition between the two classes which is really cool. It is so important that they ACTUALLY showcased what happens to the kids who don’t get into the hero course.

Inko Midoriya- Deku’s mom is amazing! She is the cutest thing. The exchanges that she has with Deku are beautiful! The support she has for her son is amazing. I’m glad that they didn’t send the parents away to a weird trip or killed them off.

Inko Midoriya cheering for her son competing in the U.A. fighting tournament

We don’t know about Deku’s father yet so that’s a mystery for now and something to look forward to!

Execution: 7/10

This anime is definitely growing as it progresses. In season 1, before the competition arc, the actual quality of this anime was so-so. It was promising but predictable that the MC would win everything. During the competition arc he actually loses which is so different from other shows of the genre. On top of the competition, the other character fights were actually given screen time and were interesting.

The first villain arc was pretty predictable. The hero All Might lost, then he won. This is a well-known cliché within shōnen anime. Getting destroyed and then building back up for one reason or another provides a suspense and shows the hero’s motivation for why they want to continue despite the odds. It was however, fun to watch.

Enjoyability: 8.5/10

Overall this anime is pretty good and even appeals to non-shōnen fans. While it does have shōnen elements, it doesn’t go overboard with any of it. The characters are very lovable and the villains’ justification for being villains isn’t too bad. Their motives make sense and a lot of shōnen anime don’t usually execute this well. All the characters play off each other and that makes for a great experience.

Recommendation: Go Watch It!!

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