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Soul Eater NOT- Studio Bones

Nickname- “Slice of Shonen”

Soul Eater NOT was unable to decide whether it wanted to be your typical day-to-day life at the DWMA from the Soul Eater universe, or an action spin-off from the original series. It looked like a slice of life anime that Soul Eater threw up on.

TLDR Why We Didn’t Like It:

Soul Eater NOT has a very hard time differentiating itself within the Soul Eater universe. With famous characters such as Maka and Soul having strong appearances instead of minor cameos, you almost end up watching this anime just to get a glimpse of your favorite characters from the original series in some new, never before seen sequences.

Soul and Maka cameo at the Death Bazaar in Soul Eater NOT


Soul Eater NOT takes place within the Soul Eater universe and tells the story of a new freshmen class of around 12 students, of which only the 3 main girls are shown. Freshmen Tsugumi Harudori has just learned she is a human able to transform into a weapon and decides the DWMA is the perfect place to learn to control her powers.

This new series will seem like Teen Titans Go! at times and will make the viewer feel grateful they got to see as much of the original series as they did.



While the plot itself may seem interesting, the development of it as a whole is rather bland. The story is only seen in 4 out of the 12 episodes and of those 4 episodes, only about 30% of each actually resolves some plot points. Basically there’s a bad guy that needs to be taken down and with our main characters only being involved at the very end, it seems rather bland.


Throughout the story you encounter many fan favorites from the original series. With Maka being shown within the first 5 minutes of the series, attention is instantly pulled away from our new players. Instead of focusing on the main character and her new weapon development, you are now wondering when you’ll get to see Maka again and who else will get a cameo.

maxresdefault (1)
Death the Kid cameo fixing uneven hair in Soul Eater NOT!

The new characters themselves are uninteresting to say the least. You have the main character who initially seems cool because of her newfound weapon predicament but then quickly becomes a whiner. She’ll whine about everything instead of taking action and making the important calls a leader needs to make. Then you have the big boobed character. This girl is 14 and apparently has short term memory loss. Lastly, there is some princess-type girl who also whines about a lot. Her family lineage is never explored and she really takes a back seat mainly just crying and wanting other characters to pay attention to her.

Occasionally you will get a glimpse of the action with the new main male characters who are never really explored. They are tasked with what seems like some hidden mission and their motives are unclear. Their interests are also never explored and they are never given unique character tropes, making them the forgettable male side characters.

Clay and Akane working at Deathbucks Caffe


Soul Eater was famous for its unique and spooky art style. It was praised for constantly drawing influence from western Halloween ideas such as pumpkins, skulls, and the grim reaper. Soul Eater NOT unfortunately does not stick with this. The art style is simple, plain and boring. The new series has lost the spooky feeling and the edgy look of Soul Eater. Since this has the Soul Eater name, it was surprising to see plain and ordinary surroundings.

Tsugumi looking off at Death City


The Music in Soul Eater NOT was easily forgettable as well. The opening was alright, however it was never echoed during the series causing it to be easily forgotten. The main problem wasn’t the soundtrack itself but rather the frequency it showed up to be heard throughout the series.

The soundtrack was only heard clearly during major events. Since there were only 3 to speak of, these events rarely happen and because of this, the music is barely heard.


Unfortunately Soul Eater NOT! is forgettable. The show never really fleshes out its characters enough to make them feel interesting. The original cast of the Soul Eater series is seen too much to make this show stand out on its own, but also not enough to please past fans who may be watching just for the cameos. The pacing of the show made no sense and action was often times out of place with a calm slice of life scene directly after a MAJOR INCIDENT.

Overall Soul Eater NOT! is a way to witness the original cast in a few new scenes you may have not seen before, while also slightly adding to the existing anime lore.

Soul Eater fans looking to pass time with some additional filler content somewhat relevant to the original series may be interested in this series.

Original Soul Eater cast of characters

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