Fairy Tail



Fairy Tail Mangaka- Hiro Mashima

Nickname- “Fun-Filled Mayhem”

The Fairy Tail guild is notorious for causing mayhem and leaving a mess in the wake of their heroics. They will accidentally take down an entire mountain range to get the bad guy which can sometimes…get them in a bit of trouble!

TLDR: Why We Loved It:

Fairy Tail is an awesome anime filled with love, friendship, and familial sensations only your mother can make you feel. This show tugs at everything you’ve ever cared about and just strengthens those feelings. Fairy Tail is also filled with a ton of action that will constantly keep you wanting more at the end of every episode.

You will always be asking “How can they possibly be any better?” and then they surprise you time and time again with just a little more awesome.


Fairy Tail has an interesting story. The overall story features the lives of these troubled mages and how they’ve all come to terms with their demons through friendship and comradery.

Throughout the story you meet the wildest characters and witness the craziest scenarios while still following a serious plot filled with shonen-type twists and turns.


Fairy Tail is an anime set in a fictional Earthland. Lucy Heartfilia, an aspiring mage, is hoping to join a mage guild and more than anything, she’d like to join the Fairy Tail guild. Upon meeting a member named Natsu Dragneel who is a fire mage, she is able to join and live out her dream.

Many mysteries are unveiled as Natsu slowly starts to figure out his past. Characters are developed through intense and dangerous situations, and magic is EVERYWHERE.



Natsu Dragneel– Natsu is a playful character. He is always making light of every situation and never takes anything too seriously. The only way to make this Dragon Slayer angry is if you go after his friends. He considers them to be his family and will do anything to keep them safe.



Lucy Heartfilia- Lucy Heartfilia is the first character introduced in the anime and is quite the optimist. She will always fight to reach her goal of being a great wizard. With her addition as a member to the Fairy Tail guild, she brings with her a sense of innocence and hope. She will always try her best to motivate and support anyone who may need it. When confronting an enemy, Lucy uses her gate keys to summon celestial spirits to fight by her side. She does this by forming various contracts with them and unlike most Celestial Spirit Wizards, she treats them like family. 



Grey Fullbuster– Grey Fullbuster is the anti-Natsu. Wielding ice-make magic, he is able to create anything he can think of out of ice! Grey is always cool, calm, and collective, except for when he is around Natsu. He will often call Natsu out on his ridiculousness and will usually be the only one to point out how stupid he can be sometimes. Grey also has a weird character quirk where he will strip his clothes, probably due to his training in freezing temperatures.





“Titania” Erza Scarlet– Erza is a monster. She is ruthless and can take on hundreds of enemies at once. She is strong and a tremendous force to be reckoned with. She will often carry heavy amounts of luggage on long trips. Erza will also intimidate Natsu and Grey enough to ac tually have them get along. She wields “Requip” magic allowing her to instantly change suits of armor and control countless weapons at once.





Makarov Dreyar– Makarov is the leader of the Fairy Tail guild and considered the father of this family. While he may seem small and cute, he wields a great power and will destroy anyone who brings harm to his “children”; members of the Fairy Tail guild. Makarov is a great leader and mentor to many. He will feel upset if he has done anything to unnerve his family and will try his best to guide them in the right direction whenever he can.



Gajeel Redfox- Gajeel Redfox is one of those charfacters you grow to love, and quite well too. Gajeel starts off as someone you are not fond of and often times does more harm than good. Over time he finds his way through the assistance of Makarov and learns the true values of family and friendship. Gajeel wields Iron Dragon Slayer magic which allows him to turn any part of his body into solid metal. He is also an avid music fan and even practices himself.





Fairy Tail has a mix of great animation and alright scenes, which is understandable for a series that has run for over 200 episodes!

Fairy Tail’s animation has 2 different stages portayed by 2 different studios. Episodes below 175 were all considered the “original” series and were much more colorful. This series had a brighter tone and was lighthearted in nature. The first run ended with a “To Be Continued” vibe and it did just that.


A new studio picked up the series and began production of a darker toned Fairy Tail to tackle the upcoming nasty and darker plot. This new studio revamped the animation, soundtrack, and even character designs to make their mark on the series.

With the new animation design came a darker palette of colors to really capture the twisted nature of episode 176 and beyond. Natsu smiles less, Lucy cries more, and magic circles are completely gone. In the original series magic circles would appear whenever someone cast a spell. This new studio decided to do away with that concept in favor of a darker nature to the use of magic.


There are 2 separate soundtracks for both series and both are amazing!

The original Fairy Tail series consisted of a celtic tone with a lot of guitar and flute mixed in. This provided a much lighter tone and went together well with the culture of the show. Fairy Tail seems to draw from Irish and Celtic history and this music fits nicely with both that, and an action show.

Original Fairy Tail theme

Fairy Tail 2014, the second series, comes at you with a “WE’RE BACK” sort of vibe from their music. It starts out sounding much like its predecessor and then quickly swings into its own version of show by amping up their guitar usage and adding more wind instruments. This time around it shows how powerful this new series will be and how the characters have grown up some.

Fairy Tail 2014 music sample

Overall the soundtrack is amazing and worth a listen.


Fairy Tail is an awesome anime filled with fun, action, and great character development. This show has a way of pulling at every emotional string attached to your body and then some. Fairy Tail has the ability to really make you care about every one of their characters and what happens to them. It is relatable and really makes you consider how you treat others around you. Go watch it!!


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