Dawn of War: Ultimate Apocalypse


Dawn of War: Ultimate Apocalypse- Ultimate Apocalypse mod team

Nickname:  The mod from the God Emperor

This mod adds so much depth to Dawn of War that the mod devs should have just made Dawn of War 3 instead of Relic.



Dawn of War: Ultimate Apocalypse is a total conversion mod for the original Dawn of War game.  The game takes all of your favorite Warhammer 40000 factions already in the game, and expands them to have a larger unit roster and mechanics like its tabletop cousin.


The game plays as any real time strategy game would, except with a Relic twist.  Unlike games such as Starcraft I & II, Supreme Commander, and Warcraft III which place an emphasis on individual units, DOW:UA has a squad feature much like Company of Heroes where you must manage your squads of infantry by giving them special upgrades, and each squad can be outfitted with different things, meaning you can have a diverse force.  The same idea applies to vehicles and hero units as well, in DOW:UA you must preserve your units because of how expensive it is to field them, meaning that every loss taken is more resources that you must devote to replace them.


Lore Friendly-  This mod has the most diverse unit roster of any Warhammer 40000 games out there, Even as I clock almost 40 hours of playing this mod, I still have not seen every unit of every faction.

Graphics- For a game that is almost 10 years old, it still looks pretty good, and the mod authors have gone in and made some good looking models and graphical tweaks to keep the game looking good.

Added content- The mod developers have worked together with the community to make new factions available to play, adding even more depth to an massive mod.


Performance-  When you reach the late game (30+ mins into a match) there will be some performance issues, if you are someone who likes their games in a constant 60 and or 30 FPS then you might be disappointed in the mod.

Difficulty-  Hey I may not be that Cuphead reviewer, but I find that the AI in the game often will use units you cannot counter, such as units with invisibility while you do not have a unit to detect them.

Load times-  This mod is massive, and because of that a lot of assets need to be loaded in when starting up the game, and when starting a match.


If you are looking for the most in-depth Warhammer 40000 experience out there, then go no further than Dawn of War: Ultimate Apocalypse.  Just make sure you purchase Dawn of War: Soulstorm to play it.


Click here to download the Dawn of War: Ultimate Apocalypse mod

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