The Cuphead Speed Run

Original article: “Cuphead Speed Run Beats Game In 46 Minutes” by Liana Ruppert, 

Cuphead developed by studio MDHR

“Cuphead is out now for Xbox One and PC players, and immediately upon release players were surprised at how challenging it actually is. The 1930’s cartoon-inspired title even became immortalised via meme-fashion with fans jokingly comparing it to Dark Souls. While it may not be at quite that level of difficulty, the game is still the perfect challenge for those looking to test those skills and one player did just that … in 46 minutes!

Though the game has only just released, we are sure that someone will come swiftly to take the crown away – but for now; it belongs to one ‘Frayzlo’. A few retries, and a few hiccups here and there, he made an impressive run of the game. He even took on the first world in less that 15 minutes.”

So Cuphead was finally released for the PC and Xbox One. This game has been heavily anticipated since its announcement at E3 and understandably so. 2D “Paper Mario-esque” games are always a lot of fun to play but what was so enthralling about this one was its 1930’s cartoonist style. The nostalgic value for both older gamers as well as the younger crowd just felt right.

Upon its release gamers found Cuphead to be more difficult than its cartoony style leads us to believe. Despite that, Frayzlo was able to show the world that yes, a speed run could be done and yes, he’s that kind of a boss.

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Speed runs have always been met with controversy. Many gamers believe that speed runs are actually harmful to the title. While it may be fun to run through a game as fast as you possibly can, its ultimately not what the game was built for. Others believe that speed runs are just cheap ways to exploit holes and glitches in the core code of the game. Who knows?

The one thing you can take from this development is motivation. If he can do it, then anyone can right? It’s time go out there and try Cuphead for yourself! Good luck gamers!

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