Trump Being Praised for Gaming Initiatives


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“The ESA, as representative lobbyists for the gaming industry and its consumers, has publicly commended President Donald Trump and his administration for “the introduction of President Trump’s initiative on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), including coding education.” “

The Name

Whether you like it or not, the one thing you will ALWAYS see in the news is one name “Donald Trump”. As the president of the United States this fact is unavoidable. The one thing that remains up for debate is this, is what Donald Trump doing for our country good? Well many argue no and so do his friends over at CNN. The Entertainment Software Association had a differing opinion.


You see, the ESA doesn’t represent social reform or political injustices or anything juicy like that. They represent one thing in the white house and that is video games. Yes there is a large organization dedicated solely to making sure that gamers get what they want from the president.

Praising Donald Trump

Recently in the news the ESA was caught praising Donald J Trump for his new Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math initiatives. The CEO of the ESA had this to say:

ESA commends the Trump Administration on its bold leadership in computer science education. The White House’s new STEM initiative will help grow the diverse and high-skilled workforce that drives the $30.4 billion US video game industry.

By expanding opportunities for America’s youth interested in the creative tech sector, we can generate thousands of new American jobs and achieve new levels of innovation, invention, and economic success. We look forward to working with the Administration and industry partners.

There are a lot of mixed feelings about this. While some praise the CEO for his support of Trump, others see it differently. They view this as praising someone for one thing he has done well even though he has screwed up countless other times.

What do we do?

All we know is that the ESA will continue to represent gamer interests and will always be around to throw shows such as E3.

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