Osu!- Dean Herbert

Nickname- “Music Crack”

Osu! allows you to take all of your favorite songs from games and anime as well as many other artists, and provides you with a way to play along with the music through aggressive note pounding gameplay. It is very satisfying to play through music you love on this platform. Watch the video.

Gameplay footage of osu!


Osu! is a freeware rhythm game allowing the player to tap along to all their favorite smusic in an organized arcade-style manner, scoring points and combos in the process.


The game allows for competition and is entirely free to play. Throughout the song selection menu, the rankings for each level are listed globally, so you can always check to see how you stack up against the top players.


Osu! is a fairly simple rhythm game with a few different modes.

Osu!- Most of the gameplay in osu! revolves around beatmaps played through clicking on various notes on the screen when the song calls for it. This is the traditional version of osu! and one of the most popular versions.

Traditional osu! beatmap gameplay

“Taiko”- This mode has the player hit notes just like before, except this time they are drummed with the keyboard instead of clicked. This means that there is one row of notes constantly coming toward the hit box kind of like in guitar hero.

“Taiko” gameplay gif

“Catch the Beat”- This mode has beats falling from a tree and the player must catch them by moving a character around and being under them at the right time. This is much like if you were under an apple tree trying to catch all of the apples in a basket as they fell.

“Catch the Beat” screenshot in osu!

“osu!Mania”- similar to Rockband or Guitar Hero, this mode has the player tap keys for certain hit boxes when the notes come down what can be described as a conveyer belt, and hit the appropriate targets.

“osu! mania” screenshot


osu! typically hosts songs from japanese culture, although any song can be created and posted to the website available for download. The great thing about osu! is that the driven community can contribute and is devoted to the music. Any fan can create a beatmap through osu!’s own generator. Some of these fan created beatmaps are verified and have the ability to be played for online rankings.


Satisfaction- The hit sounds for playing along to your favorite song are every drummer’s dream. Tapping on a desk during class feels the same.

Music- There is so much music to choose from and play along with and it’s all free! Of course it would be better to contribute to the site to help maintain, but it is not required at all.

Art- The style of this game and its art is beautiful. You will feel like you are playing in a colorful arcade filled with bright lights and arcade sounds. All of these features can be turned off in the settings allowing for customizable gameplay.

Front screen osu! wallpaper


Popularity- Unfortunately if anyone walks in and sees you playing osu! they probably will have no idea what it is. Great game but not well known outside of its community.


osu! is an awesome game and a lot of fun to play. If you are ever bored or just feeling musical, this is where you should go. osu! is a great way to get a song out of your head, and also discover new music to be obsessed with. Go check it out it’s free!



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