Esports Takes Over

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Original Work by John Lynch on Business Insider

“The NFL’s ratings took a hit in its season-opening week, and a new study about the online viewing habits of young men seems to portend a growing gap in the audience for traditional sports.

The survey, conducted by Limelight Networks, shows that men ages 18 to 25 prefer watching eSports to traditional sports or TV shows.

eSports — basically video-game competitions — came in second only to movie watching among the demographic’s most popular modes of online video consumption. It beat TV shows, news, and traditional sports.

Men of all other age groups surveyed preferred watching traditional sports to eSports.

It’s worth noting that the survey only considered online viewing, but with the viewing of video increasingly shifting there, it suggests a bright future for eSports.”

NFL Ratings Drop, eSports Ratings Rise

We’ve all heard the “boys play too many video games” argument too many times to count. Here’s the thing with the NFL. They are so focused on politics that they’ve forgotten why people actually tune into their channel…SPORTS. With all that’s going on with the National Anthem it’s pretty hard to ignore that the NFL is in the spotlight, but not for playing the sport and instead because of politics. Nobody watches sports because they want to hear about politics. Nobody.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the world’s first conclusion is to jump on the “Let’s blame video games” train. We’ve seen this as gamers many times in the past, and will most likely continue to see this stupid argument far into the future. See, the thing with this argument is when you see the phrasing “prefer to watch”. People are CHOOSING other things over the NFL.

Let’s Explore Why:

Esports offers a great alternative to the now heavily politicized NFL for people that may only be fans of football. Esports offers great action, little to no commercials, and a heavy emphasis on the game itself. The NFL seems to have forgotten the most important thing about football and that’s FOOTBALL.

With all sorts of esports leagues popping up left and right, this new wave of electronic competition is bringing about change in the way we think about sports. We could see a serious swing toward electronic sporting events in the future.

The Verdict:

Sports are meant to be fun and uniting, not politically divisive. With everyone from all teams uniting under their love for video games and the growing popularity of the sport, it’s no wonder that esports is projected to overtake the NFL by many. Esports are awesome and a great way to make some new pals.

Game on friends!

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