Nier Automata


Nier: Automata- Square Enix 

Nickname“Weirdo Tech Game”

The characters are androids, the enemies are robots, there’s aliens in it, and everything is just all around weird in the most awesome way imaginable.


Nier Automata is a game filled with bad decisions and weird concepts. It will have you on the edge of your seat both in anticipation and confusion. Trying to understand the complicated twists and turns while also trying to crush your way through the story and boss fights can be a blast!

Nier Automata has all the bells and whistles of a hack n’ slash game with the added excitement of some pretty cool characters. The characters themselves are very well animated and look amazing! They flow well with their environment and blend into the game as if your choice of movements were part of the script.

Nier:; Automata game trailer for PS4


Nier Automata opens with the main character being thrown right into the action. You are prompted to control a fighter jet, old arcade style, and fire at enemy units while trying to avoid laser shots at the same time.

Throughout the story the player is always questioning their own existence both in game and IRL. The twists and turns in Nier Automata are somewhat obvious and slightly hinted at before they actually happen, but overall gets the player thinking about the morals and ethics of technological advancement in the realm of android and robotic assistance.


Nier Automata is very fluid and flows quite well. Your character always responds to your controls and slides through the map just as you intend. As an Action RPG this is highly important and something that Nier Automata does a great job of!

Fight sequence in the desert

This iteration of the Nier series of games has an intense and difficult feel to it. In the first portion of the game, there is no saving allowed and with no upgrades yet available for your character, the boss fights prove difficult. This wouldn’t be so bad if the first portion of the game wasn’t so long leading up to that first boss encounter. Losing the first boss fight and having to play through EVERY part of the beginning again isn’t exactly a great experience, but is a challenge that any determined gamer WILL take on!

After the first mission, Nier Automata quickly becomes easy. This is the type of game that has trouble balancing its difficulty levels. There will be boss fights that are super easy and then boss fights that will require some minor console repairs after an intense fit of game-rage. These boss fights don’t increase in difficulty over time consistently either. Some of these fights will be difficult early on and some in the end. This was quite confusing but only makes the player more determined to see it through to the end.

One thing Nier Automata does very well is its soundtrack. Every sound in this game is great from the music to the impact noise of your sword cutting down your enemies. All of the noises and voices you encounter in this game are elegant and make you feel as if you are a part of this story playing out in front of you.

Questing proved to be the one drawback to the overall experience of Nier Automata. Unfortunately, the map in this game was very confusing to navigate and unlike most RPGs, this one does not allow for the player to track which quest they would like to play through. This means that every single time you want to follow a quest you must open up your map, determine which way you are facing, and then verify you are going in the direction of the quest. There are only indicators for main story missions.


A2 (Left), 9S (Middle), 2B (Right)

If you think for a second that anything is as it seems in Nier Automata, you’re in for a surprise. This is especially true for the characters. Since Nier Automata requires you to play through the main story 4 separate times from 4 different character’s points of view, everything is not as it seems. You will encounter many things you did in your first playthrough, and it will seem completely different to the character you are currently controlling. These twists and turns were…different.

The characters themselves were somewhat interesting. They were not the most memorable but that is to be expected when they each only get about 10 hours of gameplay to make a stamp on the player. 2B, the main character, and 9S, the supporting main character in your first playthrough, seem to stand out the most due to their constantly dipping into a robotic existential crisis.

The characters all look sleek and well designed. The character development team clearly worked hard to make sure that the player enjoyed every angle, including those all-encompassing robo-panty shots. These characters all looked unique despite being in a dreary and depressing world filled with grey coloring.


Action- Nier Automata is filled with action and if the player is ever bored, they can challenge themselves with fighting any enemies they see. Each fighting style is unique and they must adapt in order to come out on top.

Open World- While Nier Automata does have a barren world feel to it, it is still cool to check out what a ruined city would look like in the distant future. The fact that there is so much wildlife roaming around is astonishing!

Machine Carnival area in Nier Automata


Chests- Trying to open these tiny things is annoying. Most of the time you have to be directly facing them and getting to that position is difficult. The character are able to walk right over them, causing the player to reset their positioning and try again.


Overall, Nier Automata is a ton of fun to play. It is an interesting enough story to keep you guessing what the hell is going on while also anticipating what will come next. Having to play through the game 4 times can get boring as there are only subtle differences in the story but overall, Nier Automata is definitely worth checking out!


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