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Persona 5- Atlus Games

Nickname “Perfection 5”

Atlus clearly spent a lot of time refining and perfecting Persona 5.  Every last little detail is perfectly etched out and has been chiseled down to such a cool and stylish game!

Character art Persona 5


As a high school student, the protagonist must find time to study and live life by day, while also parading around as a phantom thief who steals the inner hearts and desires of baddies by night.

Regular day in Tokyo
Night time in a palace

Persona 5 is so full of style and character that it will make the player feel fully immersed in this world full of interesting and exciting characters. The effects and even the menus all look stunningly gorgeous!

Opening screen for Persona 5


Throughout the game you may encounter many challenging tasks to perform and you will also be given the ability to decide when to do them. Persona 5 is all about your mastery of time and just how well you can maximize the amount you have left. This game is great if you want to train your time management skills and even better if you want to have a good time!


The world is full of evil and corrupted adults who for one reason or another, have let the populus taint their inner desires to the core, distorting their very souls. The protagonist finds himself accidentally stumbling into a world where the inner desires of an evil or distorted heart are given actual form! The player must navigate through colorful dungeons and make their way to the hidden treasure!

The story starts off with an intense action scene throwing you directly into the heart of the Persona 5 universe and is then followed by some beautiful animated scenes to sweeten the deal! Once all of that is through and you’ve collected a bit of a criminal record, it’s time to go to high school!  By day the protagonist is a high school student who takes part in every day activities and by night you are again thrown into a world of desires. Good luck nabbing those hearts!

Throughout the game you will dive deeply into the back story of pretty much everyone around you and really get to know all of your friends and the people you spend your time with. With every friendship (or relationship) comes some benefits to the gameplay whether it be some stat boost or new unlocked events you can take part in. Every decision you make in this game counts so choose wisely and consider all of your options!


Protagonist (Joker):


Protagonist is the guy you play as, a high school student turned unintentional criminal then turned back to high school misfit. He is often quiet and depending on what actions and text you choose, can adopt any number of personalities or personas 😉

He wears glasses and looks kind of like a nerd, but don’t underestimate this suave, sleek, and downright cool character!



Ryuji is your typical headstrong dipstick with little patience for bullshit. He will jump into any situation if his help is needed and will not think twice about his actions because in his head, he’s already decided it’s the right thing to do. Ryuji may seem like a total punk but he definitely has a heart of gold!



The beauty of the group. At first she seems like your enemy and definitely has a major role to play in the events leading up to your first palace boss, but she is definitely a sweetheart. Try to get to know her more!


maxresdefault (2)

Morgana is your freaky cat mascot friend who is quite the handful. Morgana is a former human turned cat with a serious case of memory loss.  Morgana always has some sort of comment to say about what’s going on in this world and it is usually something quite relatable to the player’s experience. This cute little cat is trying to recover his memories prior to the start of the game and it is your ultimate goal to help him realize this.


Persona 5 is possibly one of the smoothest and most stylish RPG games you will ever play. It has it all. There are beautiful anime cut scenes, great animations for your character’s many movements, and multiple beautiful areas of Japan to explore!


Persona 5 E3 2016 Trailer

Persona 5 also features a great fast travel system with a loading screen that actually makes sense as to how you are getting around!

Palace gameplay and battles are really where Persona 5 makes you go from loving the game, to LOVING the game. There is awesome music, insane battle encounters, and so so much more than simple turn-based fighting. Your character also has the option to communicate with your enemies and attempt “negotiations” with them. If successful, these talks can lead to items, or even recruiting them into your ranks of personas.

Persona 5 has some excellent and smooth gameplay with a stylish feel to it that will make you want to go out on the town in a suit and tie to conquer the night in front of you!


Overall Persona 5 is one of the best RPG games out there and widely recognized as the “New Gold Standard” for JRPG games. With style, finesse, and a little bit of luck, your character may just coast through life enough to make it to the end of this epic tale! With so much to explore and so many options to choose from (but none that will make you miss out on the overall experience) this game has really stepped up the world of JRPGs. Go get your copy and enjoy one of the best JRPG games out there!




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