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Luigi’s Mansion- Nintendo

Nickname: “Replayable 3000”

In reference to the “Poltergust 3000” vacuum Luigi uses to suck up ghosts in the game, and the fact that this game is fun no matter how many times you replay it.


Luigi just won a mansion and needs to go collect it! The one catch is that this mansion is riddled with ghosts, one of which being the King himself, King Boo!

Luigi quickly meets a new friend, Professor E-Gadd and is introduced to a method of taming these foul spooks, the Poltergust 3000. With this wonderful toy on your back, you search through the entire mansion for your brother Mario, who was recently seen entering, but never leaving!

This game is riddled with jokes, gags, and the occasional big bad boss fight that is more than fun to try and conquer. It is also highly satisfying knowing that all of your work will pay off as you slowly purify this haunted mansion one room at a time!


Luigi’s Mansion is mostly played as if you were watching him on a tv screen from one point of view at all times. The game is 3 dimensional but you are always right in front of the fourth wall

Luigi taking on the Mother Ghost in the Bedroom

The italian plumber/ghost buster can be controlled by moving the control stick and guiding him through the mansion. The “A” button may also be used to interact with objects or call out to Mario when walking. The Poltergust 3000 will also be used throughout the entire game and is an essential part of completion.

This game has many hidden secrets (Ah the sweet days before DLC) and all of which you can reach with some effort for a grand reward.

Tips n’ Tricks:

Fights– When attempting to suck up a ghost, if you pull the control stick away from the enemy, it will capture them a little quicker

Lights– By pressing “B” you can temporarily disable your flashlight in a dark room. This is great for drawing out hidden ghosts quicker and works well for surprising them

Bosses– Some mini-bosses require some sort of activation sequence. Search the room and figure out what grinds their gears enough to be able to capture them

Luigi’s Mansion gameplay clip

Infinity Stars:

Fear Factor– There is a surprise around every corner in Luigi’s Mansion and it is fun to try and carefully unravel all of the mysteries

Humor– Although this game can seem a bit spoooooky, it is also hilarious and Luigi is a wonderful character to play as in his first standalone game

Satisfaction– There is a sense of satisfaction knowing that all of your efforts to clean up this mansion are slowly working and you are ridding the mansion of its ghost problem

Sense of Duty– You always feel like you NEED to rescue Mario. He is so important and without him, many sequels never could have been made to our other favorites!

E-Gadd– the professor is hilarious and a fun guy to interact with


Elements– Elements were fun but once you ran out, sometimes you would have to go quite far back in order to find a source of renewal for it

Beginning Tutorial– While it’s not long, the tutorial is un-skippable so on your third playthrough it can be a bit stale and annoying



Luigi’s Mansion was the start of something great for our favorite green plumber and really helped him rise in popularity among the Super Mario fan base. The game was a lot of fun to play and really showed quite the new take on classic characters, as well as introducing some brand new ones. This game had all the puzzles, levels, and STUFF you could possibly want and was so much fun to play. Go buy it and play the hell out of it


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