Sunset Overdrive


Sunset Overdrive- Insomniac Games

Nickname: “4th Wall Breaking Punk Rock Crack”

God this game is funny as hell. They break the fourth wall a lot and they play a wide variety of punk rock themes. Felt right at home with this one.


This game has an insane parkour system and an entire open world to explore right from the start.

You start out as either a guy or girl and you’re pretty tired of your shit job. All of a sudden at some event you were working, people start mutating into OD (Overcharge Drinkers) and your first instinct of course, is to fly across the city (sometimes literally) to your apartment. This is a quick tutorial you play through (and it’s kind of necessary) and then you can pretty much do anything. God this game was so much fun.

There are various weapons you can get throughout the game and a ton of room for upgrades for both the weapons and your character.


Your punk ass is greeted by some badass character at your apartment. (Why go back there?) You find out very early on the energy drink launch you were working caused all of the OD to mutate, and now you must survive and try to escape this quarantined city. You are sent on various “typical video game missions” which your character constantly makes fun of (my personal favorite is when he makes fun of the rule of 3 which is that video games usually have 3 quests before each main story point or boss).

You go through all different parts of the city bouncing from quest to quest and eventually facing some bosses along the way.


This game features a smooth and intense parkour system filled with rails to grind, walls to climb, and various objects to bounce on. All of these features allow you to move around quickly to evade OD mutants while firing at them at the same time!



Low Cost– Fantastic game and sold for a pretty low price

Character– Your character is funny as hell, constantly making fun of the ridiculous situations they are in. They also poke fun at the game mechanics and the story in general. Hilarious 4th wall breaking.

Punk Rock Vibe– Video games are meant to be fun and some of them are taken way too seriously. This one is a relief from that and the just what the deranged doctor ordered. It is a fun-fest and while there are achievements for you to go for, they are collectibles and fairly obvious. The game is all about having fun and blowing shit up. (cool story too)

Parkour– “Gimme 3 seconds and I’ll be at the top of that building”- Sunset Overdrive gamer

Weapons– The weapons are insane and epic. The first one you get has quite the name (no spoilers)


Upgrade System- Not the greatest but not really bad, just kind of confusing at first and you really have to grind for upgrades. Not really needed though because your character quickly becomes strong on their own.


SO MUCH fun to play. I thoroughly enjoyed playing through this game and even went for the DLC. Such a good time. XBOX ONE EXCLUSIVE. Go buy it!


Xbox one edit

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