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Skyrim- Bethesda Studios

Nickname: “Skyrim”

This game does not need a nickname because I did not want to tamper with its perfection. Great game and a ton of fun to play whether it be short-term or a marathon.

Game Summary:

Skyrim is a medieval type of game set in the Elder Scrolls universe. The game is filled with magic, dragons, and creatures of all kind. This game simulates from either a first or third person point of view, what it would be like to live in this kind of world.

With skill trees you can customize, different races you can choose to play as, and factions you can join, this game has it all. You can really tell right from the start that Bethesda put a lot of time into the development of this game.


Lore– There is so much lore in this game for every little thing it is great

Armor Customizations– There is a lot you can do with armor be it improving or creating.

Skill Trees– There are many different paths you can take and each race has specific characteristics. This allows for hundreds of hours of gameplay and multiple playthroughs.

Story– This game has a great story even complete with its own language.

Gameplay– It’s pretty smooth and so real-feeling in the beginning before you become an absolute tankhealerdamagedealingmagedragonbornthief of a god.

skyrim background
“Skryim” Sniping


Having played through Fallout 4 before Skyrim, I was unfortunately exposed to Bethesda’s newest home base modifications and therefore was slightly SLIGHTLY disappointed with the fact that you can’t customize your houses all that much without first downloading the DLC, which by the way is pretty good.

DLC– There’s the option to buy more of the game which is cool and all, but fuck DLC we want the full game when it’s released please 😉


Overall Skyrim is an absolute masterpiece. The game is so much fun to play and you can really get lost in this world for days. It really is amazing how much thought is put into every little detail of this game, all the way down to what your followers will say when certain things happen. Buy it.


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