Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon- Gamefreak/ Nintendo

Nickname- “Childhood Incarnate”

These games were my childhood. I fucking love Pokemon so let’s go ahead and write this “non-biased” review!


It’s a Pokemon game. Go buy it.


This game is the Nth installment in the Pokemon franchise and the first handheld version to exclude gym battles as part of their games. Instead there are 4 islands with various challenges you have to complete. Whether you like that or not is entirely up to you to try out.


It’s a Pokemon game you catch stuff and make them fight for your honor.

There is however a slight difference in the formula being that there are 4 islands to visit and no gyms in the area. You are also able to use pokemon not in your party for HM type moves outside of battle instead of wasting a move slot on a member of your team.

In all honesty, this game really stepped up its plot value. There a ton of animated shorts in the game to promote and grow the story and the characters are really given some value. Go check it out.

Pokemon Sun and Moon game trailer


Pokemon game– You get to play a new 3D Pokemon game with new Pokemon and old versions reinvented for the new region.

Music– The Hawaiian theme really shines through in the wonderful soundtrack.

Animation– Seeing Pokemon in 3D made me feel some things.


Videos– There are so many videos. Sun and Moon almost has too many videos. You can’t skip and are forced to watch all of them. This gets extremely irritating, especially if you’d like to catch a legendary.

Tutorial– The ENTIRE first Island is one giant tutorial and prevents you from exploring a brand new game.

Rotom Dex– It tells you where to go ALL the time.


Pokemon overalls

Great game. Too long of a tutorial and too many forced videos but they were beautiful and it was Pokemon so it wasn’t that bad. Battles were beautiful and amazing.


Nintendo 3DS

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