Overwatch- Blizzard

Nickname: “Rolex Watch” & “Bad Teammates”

Bad Teammates because sometimes the matchmaking can just be awful when going solo.

Why did I choose Rolex Watch? Because you pay $60 for a shiny online-only video game. Is it worth it? Read on…

Game Summary:

Online-only game. Great multiplayer action filled with great animations, a ton of lore, and dialogues specific to certain character interactions.

This game is full of new strategies to try out and plenty of action to go along with it.

2 hours of Overwatch streaming courtesy of our friend AndyDrewGames


Character Design– Great character design and skins to unlock that make them look badass!

Gameplay– Very smooth even with bad connection.

Animations– This game is filled with epic animations and even has emotes characters can unlock and perform for your team!

Lore– This game has so much story behind it which you can read about on their website. They also have pixar-esque videos for various stories that play out behind the scenes.


Trolls and Smurfs- Lots of trolls and smurfs in Overwatch (at least early game)

Level 25 Requirement- Unfortunately you can’t jump right into competitive multiplayer. You must first reach 25 in quickplay mode with random idiots before you can play competitively (but to be honest quickplay is more fun anyway)


This game is great. The animation quality is stellar and although there is no story mode, there is an insane amount of Overwatch lore worth looking into. People have been vying for a story mode for this exact reason. Go buy it.


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