Halo 3


Halo 3- Bungie

Nickname: “Byebye Life”

This game took so much of my time! Such a fantastic game! Great to play with friends online, local, or even campaign if you  want! So many memories with this gem.


This game had it all; action, adventure, explosions, gross alien fucks, dead lobster-people, and multiplayer that is still played to this day.

Halo 3 is an epic continuation to the Halo franchise following its predecessor Halo 2. In this game you play as the Master Chief Spartan, an epic and insanely strong soldier. His goal is to prevent the ultimate destruction of all life in the universe. Seems like a pretty tall goal right? Not for Master Chief.

This game was challenging, co-operative (if you’re into that), and fun for everyone involved.


Following the events of Halo 2, you must fight your way through countless enemies mostly on your own and with nothing but your annoying AI Cortana to guide you. There are emotions to be felt with this one and plenty of fun to be had while playing.


This one gets a nickname. “Greatest multiplayer ever created”. Why you ask if you don’t already know? Because this game’s goal wasn’t to be taken SO seriously that it isn’t fun. Sure there was a competitive online and ranking did matter to some, (online was so good) but let’s talk about Halo’s other multiplayer options. Often overlooked, you have Halo’s legendary “Forge Mode” which allowed players to mess with the maps and create awesome new terrain to play on. This mode, coupled with the fact that you could also alter game type rules (ie. You could change team options to alter the way the game was played altogether) made for a great time with your friends. This allowed for players to get together and just dink around in custom game modes like “Mongoose Season” (One sniper goes after a racetrack filled with mongoose drivers trying to get to the end and win) which was absolute gold.


Overall this game had everything you could want; a fantastic multiplayer experience, damn good story mode, and custom games providing you with a ton of laughs and good times with your friends. If you have not played it…GO BUY IT.

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Xbox 360 edit

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