Dying Light

dying light

Dying Light- Techland

Nickname: “I Just Shit My Pants”

It’s a pretty scary game at times people so don’t be surprised if this happens to you too.


As a FPS type zombie survival game, this one was pretty fun. Open world.

Kyle Crane, an undercover agent for the GRE, must go and recover some file in a zombie wasteland or something. You get to kill zombies and it feels so damn real it’s terrifying for anyone not well-versed in the horror genre.


PARKOUR– The parkour engine in this game is so much fun. They don’t force you to use it, but you’re pretty screwed if you don’t. It’s also an awesome way to get around and comparable to real parkour. He gets tired, he misses ledges, he gets hurt when he falls. He also vaults over zombies’ heads.

Difficult and Real– This game honestly felt like if I were in a real zombie apocalypse, which made it pretty tough and scary. You have to kill them in creative ways to get around certain things and collect the essential survival items.

Upgradable Weapons– Weapons have stats and upgrade you can equip to them. They also break after too much usage and need repairs sometimes. Repairs are also limited depending on how good the item is and what skills you have.


The voice actor for Kyle Crane is also Sonic the Hedgehog and swears a lot in the game. It is hard to get over that one for some reason. Those were probably just leftover recordings from him making fun of Sonic 06 XD


Great game. A lot of fun to play and an enjoyable story with a lot of hours (a lot of people say it was short, those people are wrong) Parkour capabilities were great and they made sure to limit EVERYTHING to ensure a realistic and challenging zombie survival experience.


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