Castle Crashers


Castle Crashers- The Behemoth

Nickname: “Comedy Gold”

I was laughing the entire time I played this game. There are a lot of random animals that poop themselves. I enjoy third grade humor.


Castle Crashers is story based multiplayer game (can be played solo) with a crazy plot. Basically you have to go rescue a bunch of princesses by digging through all of the levels and making it to the final boss. There is a map to follow and side mission arenas you can check out to help level up. There are also item shops and an armory. Oh and everything is a wild ride so be ready for crazy stupid fun.

Castle Crashers Trailer from The Behemoth


Colorful– This game is so colorful and so much fun to look at. Great animation and character art.

Comedy– This game does not take itself seriously, at all. Quite the relief from some other “Taking myself way too seriously” video games.

4 Player Action– This game lets you play with up to 4 players on the same 2D screen with either local friends or online. Each player gets their own character and skill trees they can choose to level up. (more so separate stats you can upgrade each time you level up)

Orange– The orange character shoots fire and is insanely powerful.


Your friends– Friends trolling you hard is always fun


Overall this game is fantastic. It’s a ton of fun to either play by yourself, or with some friends. This game is also a great way to kill some time in between classes if you’re into that kind of thing.


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