Borderlands- Gearbox Software

Nickname: “Udder Insanity”

Something about cow udders and this game fitting the “insanity” bill quite nicely.


God this game was phenomenal. This game had an insane story full of gags, jokes, and total epic and destructive baddassness. This game had a co-operative campaign, or you could choose to go it alone. Either way, there’s no denying the amount of hours one can burn away playing this game.


They get their own section as they are pretty important to the gameplay choices and skill paths.

Soldier– “Roland” pretty straightforward attacking role. Specializes in assault rifle based combat and his action skill is that he can drop a turret that has various upgrades you can choose to unlock when you level up

Siren– “Lilith” Lilith is a total babe and arguably one of the best characters in the game. She specializes in machine gun combat and has the action skill ability of being able to turn invisible for a few seconds. This action skill has FILTHY upgrades that even allow you to do things like set people on fire.

Hunter– “Mordecai” Cool AF Mordecai is a Sniper and specializes in those type of weapons. His action skill is Bloodwing, a bird that flies into your enemies and, depending on unlocked upgrades, can inflict elemental damage to them as well.

Berserker– “Brick” Jesus this guy is an animal. He can plow through pretty much anything playing the tank role in this game. His action skill allows him to ditch his weapons and punch the shit out of people for massive damage.


You start off by choosing from a list of classes, each specializing in their own skill set. You then are dropped off at the bus station by local asshole gun dealer Marcus. Quickly you meet Claptrap, one of the greatest game characters of all time, and are run through a quick tutorial.

Throughout the game you are guided by various NPCs to reach your ultimate goal as a vault hunter and the reason you came to planet Pandora which is to find and loot The Vault. Nobody knows where this Vault is or what is inside of it, only hearing the rumors that it is filled with something extraordinary.


This game may seem like your basic FPS, and that’s because for the most part, it is. What makes Borderlands so unique is that it is an FPS that is also co-op and has an RPG element to it as well. In borderlands you have the ability to run around, jump around, and pop your abilities all while trying to dodge your foes. 

There are a multitude of different skill tree unlocks for each character and a Random Number Generator engine for guns, making no 2 weapons the same (without cheating)

Gameplay footage from Borderlands


Everything about this game is a babe but to list some…

Characters– They are all funny as hell, even the NPCs, and they are all fun to play in their own way

Badassness– The game is baddass AF and never has a dull moment

Skill Tree Customizations– There is so much replay capability with this game. Not only can you choose classes, but you can also choose what roles they will play based on what upgrades you choose

Humor– This game is so funny. Enjoy all of the ridiculous humor to your heart’s content


You’re a bozo if you think this game has any. The story is a bit slow however.


moxxy overalls

This game is funny, action packed, and always a great time to play by yourself or with friends. Go buy it and every damn DLC it has.


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