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Nickname: “Hi Nolan!!”

Deadpool is often seen breaking the fourth wall. This is no exception for his own video game where he is very clearly aware he is a character! For those who do not know this, Nolan North is the voice actor for Deadpool in the game. Just imagine talking to yourself in your own video game? Crazy…


Deadpool the video game very much has a “Beat em’ up” type of style to it. Every scenario places the Merc with a Mouth in various…situations. Often times you will race toward the end of a level and have to fight your way through hoards of enemies. Occasionally there is a platforming component as well.

This game is full of humor and never takes itself too seriously. This is perfect for a Deadpool game and an excellent way to kick back and enjoy yourself. That moment when you find yourself having a conversation with a fictional character who is fully aware of it is priceless.


His gameplay is relatively smooth and varies based on which console you are playing on. Since this game is for both PS4/Xbox One and Xbox 360/PS3, you will see different results.

For the most part, Mr. Pool features opportunities for a powerful main character to blast through their enemies with various guns and melee weapons. Skills are also featured, which you can active by building up an intense combo to move in for the final blow.

Weapons and skills are upgradable through the collection of coins. Once you’ve accumulated enough of those bad boys, you can spend em’ on some cool shit.


Deadpool doesn’t follow the typical modern formula of “open world” bullshit. This game has a story and is going to make you follow it whether you like it or not. Once you leave an area, you usually will not be able to go back to it unless you replay the level.

The plot has you start out in your apartment trying to make a video game about yourself. You hire your own voice actor and wait around for your script. The script sucks and you hate it, so of course you need to remedy the situation.

You will meet many other comic book characters along the way including Deadpool’s famed love interest/buddy Wolverine. These characters will play various roles and although never truly helping you at all, they do provide opportunities for great comic relief (from all the comic relief).


Lady Death


Weapon Upgrades– The weapon upgrade system was lacking. It took a lot to upgrade one weapon and was not all that rewarding sometimes.


Deadpool was absolutely hilarious! He talks to the game creator, addresses the player, and has a complete disregard for anything or anyone that may get in his way. Overall this game was great and a lot of fun to play, especially if you’re lonely and need a pal to hang out with.

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