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Nickname: “THE Hack n Slash”

Everything you encounter is beaten through grinding those hits and blasting your way through your enemies…and it’s AWESOME


This game revolves around apocalyptic mythology and centers its story around one of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, War.

The game opens up with the world coming to an end with demons and angels fighting in the streets of New York City. War is then shown landing in the city and is tasked with trying to prevent this from happening. That quickly goes to shit and war is now being tried as a criminal for bringing about the apocalypse before its decided time.

War now strolls through the game with the one goal of redemption. War did not mean to do any of the alleged crimes, and is now trying to redeem himself and find out the truth as to what caused the apocalypse. He slashes his way through his enemies and upgrades all of his weapons in the process.

Notable Characters:


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The character you play as throughout the story. War is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse and is a total badass. He also has the ability to turn into some sort of fire demon although that is never really explained.


Vulgrim is quite the sneaky little shit. Vulgrim is the demon “merchant” of the game where you can buy various upgrades in exchange for the game’s currency, souls. Vulgrim is the kind of demon who doesn’t care how he gets his souls, as long as you’re willing to pay it doesn’t matter who you are. Vulgrim can often be viewed as a trouble maker.


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Abaddon is an angel and the leader of the Hellguard. He has been fighting for Heaven for a long time and has quite the story to him.

The Watcher

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War is a criminal due to his alleged involvement with the premature apocalypse. The Watcher is the sneaky little fucker tasked with watching over war in his quest for redemption, keeping him in line and making sure he is never working against the council. The Watcher is a grimy character and also functions as the player’s “assist” option whenever they are stuck.

The Charred Council

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These weird head things that stick out of the ground and spew lava out of their mouths. They are charged with guarding the universe and maintaining order and balance. They’re kind of assholes too.


The game plays relatively smooth. Most of the time war is either navigating through various puzzles with his various abilities, or he is slashing his way through his enemies.

War fights his enemies relatively smoothly, building up his various unlockable combos and boosting his stats for each weapon he uses. War also builds up his gauge to be able to use his chaos form, which transforms him into a fire monster which is quite strong.

Eventually you are able to ride War’s horse, Ruin.

Gameplay Footage


Video taken from Deluxe345 Youtube Channel


Hack N’ Slash– The game has so much you can just pound your way through. It is a lot of fun to fight enemies

Story– The “redemption” based story is pretty cool

Post-Apocalyptic Setting– The world is cool to walk around in, catching glimpses of what the world used to be and what it has now become after the apocalypse

Bad Guys– The boss fights are actually somewhat challenging sometimes and provide interesting gameplay


Walking Around– You can’t run in the game and war is heavy and slow so it takes a while to get to your destination

Flying Minigames– There are some flying mini games to get to your destination. If you fail you start over and that was annoying.

Puzzles– Sometimes the puzzles were too much and all I wanted to do was hop back into the action!


This game was awesome! It was a ton of fun to play and slashing through your enemies was always satisfying. It felt like the player was purifying a dying world which is always a plus. Huge bonus points for having twists we did not expect. Go buy it.


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