Princess Elise the Third


Princess Elise the Third- Sonic the Hedgehog: 2006

Nickname: “Flashbang”

Flashbang grenades are meant to stun and leave the enemy surprised. She definitely left fans surprised with her debut considering she had never even been mentioned prior to this game.


Princess Elise the Third seems to be very kind, honest, and caring. She is innocent at heart and loves happiness. She seems to really care for her people (Despite never actually interacting with them) and has a general disdain for Dr. Eggman. Princess Elise the Third is the kind of person that will always smile despite everything keeping her down.



Princess Elise the Third is white with little wing-like ribbons in her hair. She wears a white mini-dress and white heels. She is always smiling and looks confident while she walks. Her appearance is that of royalty.

What we thought:

Princess Elise the Third is “eh”. She is kind of a boring and bland character. She also reminds you of the character in a horror film that makes all of the stereotypical mistakes like wandering off into the forest alone at night. She is kind of dumb and has no idea about anything in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. She does not fit in and seems to be irrelevant to a Sonic the Hedgehog game. Did I mention she is kind of boring?

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