Louie- Pikmin 2

Nickname: “Lovable Pinapple”

Louie’s derpy face kind of reminds us of a pineapple


Louie never really says much throughout the entirety of Pikmin 2, but you do get glimpses into his personality.

Louie is a care-free good who loves life. Nothing can upset Louie and no matter how bad things get, Louie never seems to get upset or discouraged. He is slightly cowardly and will run away if a big bug is trying to eat him.

Louie is timid and does not say much but is always there for backup.



Louie about to toss some Pikmin

Louie wears a white space suit from head to toe. He wears boots that seem to be pretty strong. He is also always seen wearing a space suit’s helmet. Louie wears blue gloves and has a general “blue” theme to his outfit and overall appearance.

What we thought:

Louie is a role model. Louie is great! We love Louie! Louie lives his entire life carefree and sleeps plenty. He is the envy of any college student and is something we all aspire to be. Louie does not have a care in the world and all around loves being Louie.

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