Sonic the Hedgehog: 2006


Sonic The Hedgehog 2006- SEGA & The Sonic Team

Nickname: “So many “features” ” & “Pre-beta-alpha-prerelease-planningstage”

This game got 2 nicknames because it was so bad and how bad it was merited 2 separate nicknames. The “features” are all the glitches you encounter and constantly have to battle against.


This game was SUPPOSED to revolutionize the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise. This game was supposed to be in 2006, what we are seeing now with Mario Odyssey (realism in the city). This game was supposed to be realistic looking and open world. It was supposed to have multiple amazing storylines converging to one grand finale and was supposed to have an awesome multiplayer option for fans to play together. All of these were SUPPOSED to happen, but instead we got a rushed poo you take right before a meeting you’re late to. Nobody likes that poo but you needed to get it out because your body says so. Sega rushed the sonic team to finish the game which is so unfortunate for fans.


This game revolves around some weird bestiality relationship between some random princess never before seen in the franchise, and Sonic the Hedgehog. Basically you go around doing all these missions and unlocking apparently skip-able and optional upgrades, which are some of the many glitches to be found. You are able to skip mandatory upgrades with glitching. Your goal is to save the princess and the 1 chaos emerald from Dr. Eggman. A side goal is thrown in there to prevent the end of the world which apparently is not that important to the characters.


This game has many different levels and areas to check out and is reminiscent of Sonic Adventure, however it does not measure up.

Just watch the video…

Glitch counting video showing the game’s many “features”


Opening Cinematic– clearly 95% of the budget of this game was spent on the opening cinematic which is amazing to watch. It tricked me into buying the game, I’ll admit it. It really was something so go watch it.

That 1 Song– The game has only one song that is overused but it does sound great and have a pretty sick guitar to go along with the lyrics.


EVERYTHING ELSE– This game was not well done. It was unfortunately released way too early. There are so many glitches in this game that youtubers started doing glitch-counting videos just for this game!


We were so disappointed in this game. You find yourself fighting against the glitches more so than the enemies. Pre-programmed jumps would even miss the target. Honestly just look up “Sonic 06” on youtube and NOTHING is good about it. They rushed Sonic 06. It would have been an amazing installment in the franchise and instead turned into one of the biggest running jokes for the gaming community (See what I did there? Running? Still a better pun than the entire game put together)


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