Pikmin 2


Pikmin 2- Nintendo EAD

Nickname: “Nicknames”

This game inspired many gamers to nickname everything around them. This game had a funny nickname for all everyday appliances in it.


This game is the sequel to the original Pikmin and follows the story of two employees Olimar and Louie as they venture to a previously discovered planet in search of new and valuable treasures to pay off their boss’ company’s debt.

Louie and Olimar get into all of these ridiculous situations and have aligned themselves with the native pikmin to conquer their enemies.


This game has many different viewpoints mostly top-down with the occasional zoomed in version.

The player is able to control both Olimar and Louie, and is able to switch control between the two at any point. With this, they are able to have the pikmin split up and multitask.

The pikmin can be controlled and made to do various activities including collecting treasure, digging up treasure, taking down enemies, and whistling. The pikmin can be either thrown by the player or moved around with the “C” stick.

Video taken from IGN Youtube channel


Fun Factor– This game was so much fun to play with funny animations, cute pikmin creature, and a ton of treasure to collect!

Louie– Louie is a goof and so funny

Collectors Edge– This game has you go around and explore a lot in order to collect vast amounts of treasures. For a collector, this game is great.

Story– While the story is simple, it allows for a lot of exploration and is great

Letters from home– After every in-game day you will receive a random letter from home depending on how far you are in the story


Insta Death– Pikmin would die instantly if trampled on. This wasn’t all that bad though, gave the game a strategic component to maneuvering your pikmin around in the right way


This game was so much fun to play. Between all the ridiculousness that came from Louie’s reactions to EVERYTHING and the robot’s seriousness, this game had me laughing quite a lot. Go buy it in its original form if you have not played it already. There is a remastered version but buy the original if you can.

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