General Shepherd

*”General” was excluded from his name for the review, his in-game name is General Shepherd*


Shepherd- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Nickname: “Straight Outta Left Field”

You know that ball that hit you right in the face when you were in left field and wasn’t quite expecting it? Yeah that’s Shepherd.


Shepherd is a stern guy with not much personality going on. He has a strict work ethic and will not stop to help anyone out if it means not completing his mission.

Shepherd has no time for losers and will not hesitate to burn the bridge connecting him to you if he so sees fit.

Shepherd is also not afraid of much and has a strong enough will to do what he wants, when he wants.



Shepherd has a weird ‘stache thing going on under his nose. You can usually see him wearing his beret and uniform.

Shepherd has a strong build and is slightly older than your typical soldier would be.

What we thought:

We do not like Shepherd, much like many other gamers out there. Without going into too much detail or spoilers, this guy is definitely someone you want to watch out for.

In terms of his place in the game, he is an extremely important character and without him the story would not be as intense as it is.

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