Captain Price


Captain Price- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Nickname: “Modern Badass #2”

This guy was THE badass of Call of Duty and will forever be the main reason everyone enjoys Modern Warfare 2. Plus we like poo. (#2)


Captain Price is sort of like your drunk uncle, and no not the creepy one. I’m talking about the badass uncle you tell all of your friends to scare the shit out of them. He’s the guy who you don’t mess with…at all.

Captain Price has a great moral compass and knows his rights from his lefts. He will do anything that is required of him as a soldier and has a strong sense of commrodary and duty. He also has the perks of not doing everything by the book but instead, doing what is required of him to get the job done.

Captain Price has saved countless lives at the risk of his own and is an honorable leader who many gamers look up to.



Captain Price is almost always in uniform and occasionally you can catch him smoking a cigar. He’s always got his hat on and has an intense and scruffy bearded look to him. He usually seems a bit roughed up, like he just got out of a fight, and looks like he is always ready for action.

What we thought:

Captain Price is amazing and one of the greats. He is always a friend and someone you can look up to from start to finish in MW2 (and other games he is featured in). Price is always around when you need him in MW2 and is always checking in on you to make sure everything is alright. We loved Price, fucking loved him.

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