Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2- Infinity Ward

Nickname: “Rage Quit”

I raged a lot during this game. Controllers were broken. It was a mess. Great game though.


“This game was the sequel we may not have wanted, but it was the sequel we all deserved”- probably Bane.

Seriously though, nobody wants a “Sequel COD game”, but yet they still keep coming. It’s like a never-ending series of shitty games, with the occasional gem. This is that gem.

MW2 had it all. Amazing graphics for its time, action, adventure, great story, awesome characters, SPEC-OPS, everything. This game was loads of fun to play whether it be the online multiplayer or the stories (spec ops and campaign)


This game takes place after the events of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It includes the same cast of characters with a few new ones added in to the mix.

The game starts off in the warzone (skipping the tutorial of course) where you are charged with “keeping the peace”. Eventually you are attacked and all hell breaks loose.

After that first mission you get to meet a few of the legends such as Captain Price! Captain Price is an amazing character who nobody will ever forget.

This game is filled with action. There are in-depth stealth missions with multiple different objectives to complete, all while staying completely undetected. All around a fun game to play.


It’s Call of Duty. Same as every other game before it with the added bonus of multiplayer co-op missions, and an improved “Create a class” system for online play.

Certain missions require stealth which makes it important to stay hidden in bushes and out of sight.

Multiplayer is a shit-storm with a ton of campers, hardos, fun-to-plays, and everything in between.

Multiplayer footage taken from E3 2009


Graphics– This game had great graphics and money would shoot out of dead bodies after  a kill #moneyshot

Action– There was a lot of story based action in this game with things blowing up and even EMP’s going off!

Modern– The game was set in modern times, so it felt relatable and relevant when playing through story


RAGE– Online rage really had me feeling the controller smashing effect


Gorgeous game and a lot of fun. I played this game for hours a day and when I got bored with one mode like multiplayer, I would just switch over to campaign or spec-ops instead. Go buy it.


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