Commissioner Gordon


Commissioner Gordon- Batman: Arkham Knight

Nickname: “Upstanding Gentleman” 

The Commish is an upstanding gentleman who always tries to do right in any way he can


Commissioner Gordon is the kind of fella who you can rely on. He’s honest, kind-hearted, and caring. When he was just a boy, Bruce Wayne lost his parents and the only cop in the entire precinct to give a damn about the kid was Commissioner Gordon. He cared for him for a little while after his parents died as much as he could. After the incident he would make it a point to check in on him from time to time over at the mansion.

Commissioner Gordon tries to make it his mission to clean up Gotham City and will go out of his way to do so. He has put himself, and unfortunately even his family, in danger to “get the bad guy”.

He occasionally speaks with the Batman and is even fond of his work, however they have a complicated relationship. This is due to Gordon’s strong morals compass and confidence in the law. Since it is illegal for Batman to take justice into his own hands, the commissioner must sometimes break his morals and count on Batman’s help to catch the criminal he is after.



Gordon is relatively old with mostly white hair. He wears a long coat most of the time to conceal how badass and awesome he really is. He wears glasses and has a bit of a ‘stache growing in.

What We Thought:

Commisioner Gordon is a caring person and not the kind of “nice guy” you can fuck with. He is kind, loving Batman: Arkham Knight, and compassionate with a strong sense of morals and skills to take down anyone who breaks the law. Overall he is an impressive fella and one you should not take lightly.

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