Batman: Arkham Knight


Batman: Arkham Knight- Rocksteady Studios

Nickname: “Broken Toe Nostalgia”

I was so excited to play this game that I ran home in the rain and I was wearing flip flops…needless to say I fell down a few times.

This games also speaks to the nostalgia in all of us Batman fans who enjoyed the animated series growing up.


This game is a great conclusion to the Arkham series of Batman games and a great incarnation of the comic for gaming fans to enjoy. With Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman in the cartoons reprising his role along with Mark Hamill, the iconic voice of the joker, you were literally playing through your favorite childhood cartoon.

This game features all of the famous Batman villains and even some that are not so well-known, and each has their own part to play in this one eventful night in Gotham. That’s right Gotham, not the asylum!

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(Left to Right) Poison Ivy, Riddler, Harley Quinn, Two Face, Penguin


This game features a very smooth combat engine with combo capability at every encounter. You can swing from enemy to enemy with little trouble and build up your combos to max out your damage.

This game also features a driving portion where you are able to control the batmobile. The batmobile had two modes you could use to control it. One mode is classic batmobile where you drive around with controls similar to any other driving game, and the other mode is tank mode. In tank mode, the batmobile transforms into a mini tank and is able to grapple up walls, shoot rockets, and stun enemies nearby. There are also various upgrades you can get to allow you to combo with the batmobile when outside of it like throwing an enemy toward it to be KO’d.

There is a lot of navigating the city in Arkham Knight. Batman will glide through the city with his cape, allowing you to control where he goes through either inverted or regular controls. Batman will also climb up buildings and down into sewers. You are able to lock on to ledges and use his grappling hook to quickly get yourself up to that location.

Batman Arkham Knight official gameplay footage


Kevin FUCKING Conroy– The OG voice of Batman and voice actor for the game. He IS the Batman

Mark Hamill– Another legendary voice actor reprised his role as the Joker in Batman the animated series to play him in this game. He is hilarious to watch.

Fluid Fights– The fight sequences are work so well and are much smoother than they have been in past games

Graphics– No matter what system you play this game on, it will always look great (Do not try to play it on an IBM 5100 asshole) The rainy night graphics are a nice touch too

Quests– You really feel like you’re cleaning up Gotham as you advance throughout the story


Story– While it was initially cool, the story seems to fizzle out and become a little dull. Great side-questing though

Too Much Batmobile– While it’s cool to drive around Gotham in a badass tank/car, it is a little weird to all of a sudden be inside a building scaling walls with a fucking car (Riddler missions come to mind). The car was over hyped and overused in this game.


This game was great and a lot of fun to play. Playing as Batman from the animated series really added to the nostalgia factor. The voices in the game were legendary and the characters were all interesting in their own way. They all shined through and overall this game was dandy. Go buy it.


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