Borderlands 2


Borderlands 2- Gearbox Software

Nickname: “Raunchy Hilarity”

The game was raunchy…and also hilarious!


God Dammit it’s Borderlands, go buy it!

This game takes place a little while after the first Borderlands. This game follows 4 new vault hunters (or 6 depending on whether you buy into DLC BS) as they are on a quest to uncover a newly discovered vault. Once again you choose from 4 very well-crafted classes with different sets of skills to go along with their winning personalities.

Characters/ Classes:

Maya- Siren:

Maya is an absolute beast with a beautiful haircut to boot. She has the ability to “Phaselock” or levitate a targeted enemy for a short period of time (Some bosses excluded, it will deal a small amount of damage to them instead)

A lot of her skill tree customizations and upgrades have to do with enhancing her phaselock ability. There are skills you can choose that heal enemies if you choose a support role, or there are skills you can choose to deal elemental damage with her phaselock. She is an all-around great character to play as and a lot of fun as well.

Her specialty is Sub Machineguns similar to Lilith in Borderlands 1

Zer0- Assassin:

Zer0 doesn’t talk much, but when killing your enemies quickly and dealing insane amounts of melee damage, you don’t really need to.

Zer0 not only has a great name to spell that you can very easily fuck up, he also has his decoy ability called “Decepti0n” which allows him to send out a hologram of himself as a decoy and turn invisible for a short time. Various upgrades for Zer0 include increasing his melee damage exponentially and allowing him a longer invisibility rate.

Salvador- Gunzerker:

Forget about Brick from Borderlands 1 for a second here because Salvador takes center stage. Salvador is absolutely insane, much like anyone else from this game’s universe. He has the ability to wield 2 fucking weapons at the same time! This ability is called “Gunzerking” and allows him to use 2 of his weapons for a short time, dealing more damage with both.

Salvador has various skill tree upgrades that allow for him to take down enemies with extra gunzerking damage, as well as the choice to upgrade his health, making him a tanky and explosive character.

Axton- Soldier:

Axton is average and exactly what you would expect from a soldier class. Unlike his counterparts, Axton seems to be pretty tame. He is calm, cool, and collected. He is able to work quickly and duck and cover when the time comes.

Axton has the skill to deploy a turret that will fight for him. Various upgrades include his ability to change the weapons the turret fires, how frequently the turret fires, and the ability to teleport his turret to wherever he is looking when he throws them. He can also attach his turrets to walls and have them fire missiles instead of bullets. Axton also has some potential in support with the ability to provide ammo near his turrets every few seconds.

Axton enjoys long walks on the beach with his assault rifle, and I guess specializes in using it too.


The gameplay in Borderlands 2 is much like the gameplay in Borderlands 1. The game works pretty much the same with an upgraded HUD and controls to the vehicles. They also upgraded the quest and storyline, making it much more in-depth. It makes a lot more sense now.

Visually, the gameplay is MUCH better in Borderlands 2. The game has the same artistic feel as Borderlands 1, but it is much more colorful. Instead of desert sand everywhere, there is ice, water, trees, bushes, lava, and ERIDIUM.

Eridium is added to this game as an insane twist. It allows for so much, including purchasing upgrades to ammo capacity and backpack. It is purple and works as a form of currency in some stores. Eridium is also a resource used in the lore which makes everything more intense and better, including the new ridiculous amounts of damage weapons deal in this game. Compared to the previous game, all of the weapon damage and health is multiplied by 10 (oversimplifying it but there’s more numbers)

Footage from the game via IGN YouTube channel


Handsome FUCKING Jack– This guy is such an asshole and taunts you nonstop throughout your entire play through. You’ll hate him, you’ll love him, and then you’ll hate him again

Colors– This game is very colorful and such an upgrade to the original

Humor– God this game is funny. It also brought us Tiny Tina (Click it to check out her character review) who is an all-time favorite

Them Feels– This game tugs at the heartstrings despite all of its humor. Quite the emotional rollercoaster

Co-op Capability– It has split screen (which I took full advantage of with friends) as well as an online option to work on the story and level up together

Cl4ptrap– Claptrap is one of the greatest mascots for a game I’ve ever seen. He is so cute and funny at the same time


The Grind- The game can get boring at times if you need to grind to hit the right level for the next story quest. Gameplay can start to get stale after only about 15 hours in a single day


This game is so damn fun to play. It is ridiculous in every sense possible and has a great story at the same time. The characters are all memorable and all friends of yours by the end of the story. GO BUY IT this game is awesome.  


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