Tiny Tina

tiny tina

Tiny Tina- Borderlands 2

Nickname: “Batshit Crazy”

Tiny Tina is a wacko. She is the craziest of the crazy and at only 13 years old, she’s pretty badass. She fits in well in the Borderlands universe.



She’s a wacko, but a fun wacko. With a keen interest in BLOWING THINGS UP she’s a ton of fun to hang out with. She loves her explosions that’s for sure.

“Roland told me you were comin’ – I still owe him for all that buttcrap with General Rancid. So, you gotta hijack a train, hunh? Chiiild’s play! Lemme introduce you to my ladies.” sums up her personality quite well. 


Well if you haven’t already seen the giant picture above, she’s 13 years old, looks kinda scruffy, has crazy eyes, and carries explosives around her waist. She also wears a skirt and what looks like a “psycho” mask on the side of her head.

What We Thought:

Tiny Tina is one of our all-time favorite characters. She is so much fun and a total wack job. Everything she says and does tops what just happened and she never ceases to surprise. Every single playthrough I completed all of her quests as soon as they became available. Love her.

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