Preston Garvey

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Preston Garvey- Fallout 4

Nickname: “Just Another Settlement”

“Another settlement needs your help” is the only dialogue this idiot ever says. This tagline is said every time a new quest pops up for the minutemen. It is always a new area you need to clear and is always said when you are close to him. Memes were made for this fella.


Preston is a real stand up guy. He has great morals and is an all around proud individual. He wants to help the commonwealth rebuild and grow after all that has happened to it during the war. He will go out of his way to help anyone who may need it.

Preston does not socialize well at all. Say “Hi Preston how was your day?” and he’ll respond with “Another settlement needs your help!”


As seen above, Preston wears an old raggy coat and an old minutemen hat. His uniform is mostly brown with patches of dirt all over it. (Genius idea for your man Preston, you can barely see the dirt on the brown!)

Preston carries around a laser rifle for protection pretty much everywhere he goes.

What We Thought:

Preston was a great guy to start off. After his first mission you feel as though you’d love to hang out with him and he is definitely someone you can rely on. Then one day, the settlements attacked!

Once you make it to your first HQ, Preston goes from being a reliable and responsible leader, to that annoying kid who keeps trying to sell you something stupid you don’t want. WE DON’T WANT IT PRESTON.

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