Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


Call of Duty 4- Infinity Ward

Nickname: “These are my friends, I’ve never met them before”

I met a bunch of randos from other countries (all spoke English) during an all-nighter when I first bought the game. We were all nasty at the game and never lost AKA never got offline.


This game had a great story. You did everything you’d expect from a call of duty game but on the 360 and playstationwhatever it looked so much better. What made this game even better was the fact that it had all “modern warfare” tech and weaponry, which made the experience so much more relatable to the player.

The game had both single player and multiplayer modes. If you weren’t spending all of your time gaming with friends, you were sure as shit playing the single player. Captain Price? No COD character has ever been better than that guy. Also not this game but fuck General Shephard.


Graphics– Great graphics for its time

Dialogue– The semi-adult dialogue was cool and made me feel like we were all bros

Story– It was cool to be a part of the US military and taking part in highly important top-secret missions

Characters– I like Captain Price in case you hadn’t noticed, fuck you Shephard


Spawn Killing- I died on Shipyard a lot (smallest map in the game and easy to SK)


Great game and a lot of fun to play whether it be the now classic game, or the remastered version. This game had great story elements, awesome and relatable characters, and a TON of action and adventure. Go buy it.


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