Rocket League

Rocket League

Rocket “Refuel” League- Psyonix

Nickname: “Rocket Refuel”

My buddy kept saying rocket refuel. It’s the first thing that came to his head and he is definitely not a gamer. One day I used it and it sort of just stuck. Even when I went to school it was “Rocket Refuel” and for a while my friends didn’t get it either. Now if you say Rocket League at school, it’s a mystery as to what you meant.

Game Summary:

Sports game involving rocket powered cars that can do insane tricks. Each game mode is based on a different sport with various different terrain and “maps”. Team sizes vary and no story mode as it’s a sports game.


Fun animation– Beautiful driving and fly-by animation for fast speed

Adrenaline pumping boosts– Your car farts various colored liquids

Goal explosions– The ball explodes when a goal is scored!

Music– A lot of EDM music to pump you up for a great game


Lag– Online play can lag

Team-They don’t always do so hot. Can be frustrating occasionally.


This game is a great take on a sports game and a great way to kill time. It’s a lot of fun to play and you can get hours out of it without even realizing it. Between the awesome graphics and the epic goal animations, it’s hard to put the controller (or mouse for clickclacks) down.


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