Pokemon: Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Pokemon: Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon- Gamefreak Nickname- "Twinsies" Not only are the game's stories identical to each other with the only variation being that the legendary pokemon you can catch is different, they also have the added bonus of being pretty much the same thing as the originals with a few bits and sprinkles … Continue reading Pokemon: Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces- Sonic Team NICKNAME:  "IT'S NO USE!" Sonic games keep coming back no matter what and it doesn't look like he'll be stopping anytime soon! SUMMARY: Here we go... Another 3D sonic game. These games do not have a very good track record over the years. While I often find them enjoyable, I can … Continue reading Sonic Forces

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia- : Kohei Horikoshi Nickname: "My Innovative Academia" My Hero Academia is able to place itself within the realm of shounen anime while still having no fear of taking risks. Whether it be having the main character fail, or villains not pulling any punches, this show has brought a new wave of themes with it … Continue reading My Hero Academia

Soul Eater NOT

Soul Eater NOT- Studio Bones Nickname- "Slice of Shonen" Soul Eater NOT was unable to decide whether it wanted to be your typical day-to-day life at the DWMA from the Soul Eater universe, or an action spin-off from the original series. It looked like a slice of life anime that Soul Eater threw up on. … Continue reading Soul Eater NOT

Fairy Tail

  Fairy Tail Mangaka- Hiro Mashima Nickname- "Fun-Filled Mayhem" The Fairy Tail guild is notorious for causing mayhem and leaving a mess in the wake of their heroics. They will accidentally take down an entire mountain range to get the bad guy which can sometimes...get them in a bit of trouble! TLDR: Why We Loved … Continue reading Fairy Tail

Dawn of War: Ultimate Apocalypse

Dawn of War: Ultimate Apocalypse- Ultimate Apocalypse mod team Nickname:  The mod from the God Emperor This mod adds so much depth to Dawn of War that the mod devs should have just made Dawn of War 3 instead of Relic. Summary: Dawn of War: Ultimate Apocalypse is a total conversion mod for the original … Continue reading Dawn of War: Ultimate Apocalypse

The Cuphead Speed Run

Original article: "Cuphead Speed Run Beats Game In 46 Minutes" by Liana Ruppert, October 2, 2017 "Cuphead is out now for Xbox One and PC players, and immediately upon release players were surprised at how challenging it actually is. The 1930's cartoon-inspired title even became immortalised via meme-fashion with fans jokingly comparing it to Dark Souls. While it … Continue reading The Cuphead Speed Run