Steins;Gate 0

Steins Gate 0- 5pb Nickname- "A Hero's Journey" Ever wondered what would happen if your favorite hero had failed in their quest? Ever thought about what that would do to them? How that would impact the world around them? Well this anime explores all of the action that happens when the great Hyoin Kyouma finally … Continue reading Steins;Gate 0

Pokemon: Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Pokemon: Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon- Gamefreak Nickname- "Twinsies" Not only are the game's stories identical to each other with the only variation being that the legendary pokemon you can catch is different, they also have the added bonus of being pretty much the same thing as the originals with a few bits and sprinkles … Continue reading Pokemon: Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces- Sonic Team NICKNAME:  "IT'S NO USE!" Sonic games keep coming back no matter what and it doesn't look like he'll be stopping anytime soon! SUMMARY: Here we go... Another 3D sonic game. These games do not have a very good track record over the years. While I often find them enjoyable, I can … Continue reading Sonic Forces

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia- : Kohei Horikoshi Nickname: "My Innovative Academia" My Hero Academia is able to place itself within the realm of shounen anime while still having no fear of taking risks. Whether it be having the main character fail, or villains not pulling any punches, this show has brought a new wave of themes with it … Continue reading My Hero Academia